3D Roller Body Massaging Shaper

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  Burns Fat – Start burning your unwanted fat and get a perfect fit body.

 Improves Blood Circulation – This massager will improve your blood circulation, which eventually will lead to good health.

✔ Get rid of Cellulite – Remove that bad looking cellulite from your body and look younger.

✔ Lose Weight- As it burns fat from the massaged area, your body will automatically lose weight.

✔ Relieves Stress – This massager will rejuvenate that dead cells and will make you more energetic and will relieve stress.

✔ Have a Deep Sleep – Apply in your neck & back area and get rid of anxiety, which can lead you to a night of deep sleep.

✔ 10 minutes a day - Using the massager for 10 minutes a day is also enough to see amazing results.


The 3D Slimming™ Massage Roller is a MUST for everyone who dreams to have a fit body

It has been proved scientifically that this tool burns a good amount of fat and gives a good dream-fit body.

It does not only removes fat but also enhances your blood circulation which will eventually lead to good glowing skin.

Massaging boosts your metabolism increases blood circulation which allows reaching oxygen to fat stored areas and hence makes you feel healthier.

It stops the flow of CHOLESTEROL in your bloodstream and allows it to regain its moisture.

Ensure fit, good looking body and that amazing CONFIDENCE with the 3D Slimming™ Massage Roller

3D Slimming™ Massage Roller is scientifically designed and tested to use efficiently on all body parts with muscles and joints such as feet, waist, neck, hips, arms, shoulder, buttocks, abdomen, thigh and legs.

This high-quality massager also stimulates blood vessels and increase blood circulation for your precious skin. Apart from that, it also dissolves unseen fat layers under the skin which makes you look younger – all because of its 3D motions of the massager.

A true "no brainer" for a person who wants to have great Confidence.



Que. What is the science behind using the massager for losing weight and burning fat?

Ans. Massaging around obese part allows of breaking cellulite which occurs fat-burning - that’s how you lose weight

Que. What is the minimum and maximum use time to get best results?

Ans. For best results you must use this massager for 10 minutes/day and for more significant results you can lengthen your using time; more use will get you more results.

Que. Who can use this?

Ans. We would suggest this massager to all the adults and aged people of all genders.


Que. What is the material used in this massager?

Ans. This massager has made of best quality of ABS plastic, which is approved and tested by experts.

Que. Where can I use this massager?

Ans. This massager is designed in a such a way that it can be used any part of the body with muscles and joints like feet, back, waist, hips, arms, buttocks, shoulders, abdomen, thigh, and legs. 


Que. Is there any side effects of using this massager?

Ans. Fortunately, there are no side effects of using or over-using of this massager. In fact, it will remove stretch marks occurred due to obesity.

Que. What if the product I get is damaged?

Ans. Please be reassured, as you can always return the product and ask for the refund in case you received in damaged condition.


  • First apply any massage oil, slimming gel, or slimming cream on the body.
  • Insert the power plug into the compatible wall socket.
  • Install the massage head to the massager.
  • Turn the massager on to enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • Please choose from low to high level for massage.
  • After using, first, turn the switch OFF then remove the plug from the socket.

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