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Sexy Girdle - BodyShaper Shorts

Sexy Girdle - BodyShaper Shorts

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The new generation of shaping garmentsÂ đŸ˜±đŸ˜

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Wearing a tight dress is always a challenge . Hiding unwanted curves is always tedious, time consuming, frustrating and often expensive. But all that is over with BodyShaperℱ. Unlike traditional shapewear, these shorts are comfortable and flexible. With double layered power bands that target the most difficult areas, you can wear this shaper every day!

đŸ˜±Designed to feel good:  It works by combining compression with specific modeling areas in different parts of the body. This is effective because the fat cannot escape through the tissue. These panties are also suitable for after cosmetic surgery.

đŸ˜± Stays upright and favors posture: Flexible at the side seams keeps the garment on its feet at all costs: it moves, bends, stretches. Does not go anywhere.

đŸ˜± Targeted Compression:  Targeted compression shapes where you want it and leaves room at the waist and leg cuffs to eliminate the "cupcake effect."

đŸ˜± Firm and silhouetted legs:  The patented BodyShaperℱ short hugs the back of the thighs for a shaping effect while lifting the buttocks.

đŸ˜±Signature X shapes your midsection: We recommend choosing a size larger to ensure you have enough length in the upper body and that the X-Panel sits in the right place on your body.

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Received mine today đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„ very comfortable