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(Hot Sale Now 50% OFF)Fresh Keeping Bags 200pcs

(Hot Sale Now 50% OFF)Fresh Keeping Bags 200pcs

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Tired of trying to get plastic wrap to cling to your dishes or food? We've got an easier solution!

Dust-proof, bug-proof and odor proof!


  •  Stretchable Covers: This provides great convenience since one size will fit many. Quickly cover and store while being able to see what is under the covers without removing them. Great for any leftovers, picnics or BBQ.

  •  Great for Outings: When you're setting up a picnic or outdoor family meal, this kit of covers really comes in handy. They keep pesky bugs off of your food while you're still prepping and plating everything. And they make cleanup and storage easy after the party! You can also add them to your camping supplies.

  •  Perfect for Holidays: Don't let food go to waste at a big event! Perfect for sharing with friends and family. Faster to use than traditional plastic wrap. Enjoy fresher leftovers for days.



  • Type: Disposable Food Presercation Bag
  • Material: PE
  • Size: 12 cm
  • Quantity: 100pcs *2bags/*4bags
  • Weight: 120g (per bag)


  • Package includes:

  • 200 pcs Fresh Keeping Bags

  • ⚡️Stock sells fast - get yours today!


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