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Magic Electric Shaver Eyebrow Trimmer Face Body Hair Remover

Magic Electric Shaver Eyebrow Trimmer Face Body Hair Remover

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Electric Trimmer is specially designed to be an all-in-one hair removal tool that helps you to remove unwanted hair from any body part (facial areas, arms & legs, underarms, bikini lines) without causing any painful cuts, stubble or ingrown hairs (ouch!).

  • Versatility - Engineered for precise trimming, safely and precisely trim unwanted hair on the face, chin, neck and other areas.
  • Precision Blade - Equipped with a hypoallergenic precision blade to trim safely on the skin,  the high-speed motor operates at 6500 RPM and that allows every hair to be captured.
  • Ergonomically Designed - The blade head can rotate 30 degrees, let you comfortably hold in the palm for close trimming.
  • Shaping Eyebrows - Simply attach the comb attachment onto the trimming head, trim eyebrows to a uniform length of 2 or 4 mm.
  • Battery Powered - It runs on a single AAA battery (included), small and compact enough to take it everywhere you want.


With Electric Motor inside, the blades of the eyebrow hair razor can quickly move up and down at a steady speed, which enables eyebrow trimming more effective and precise.

Multifunctional and Multipurpose

Used for eyebrow, leg, armpit hair, arm, back and hand etc.

How to use

1. Upper eyebrow: stop at about 2-3mm on the side of the eyebrow.

2. Lower eyebrow: hold your eyelid and stretch your skin to trim.

3. Middle eyebrow: Trim in the appropriate direction.

4. Perfect eyebrow shape completed.

How to install

Step 1. firmly hold the trimmer body and use your fingers push up.

Step 2. Put the battery according to the positive and negative electrodes.

Step 3. Sleeve the outer casing.

Step 4. The other side is also pushed up.

Step 5. Open the cutter head and attach the blade.

Step 6. Complete.


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