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Twist it Up Comb

Twist it Up Comb

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This is a great gift for your family or friends. For safety and hygiene, it is recommended to use it alone. Everyone has their own twist comb.

The Twist it Up Comb is the number one Twist Comb in the world! It is the BEST & ONLY clean way to twist afrocentric hair. In the center of each comb you will find a stainless steel woven pattern that is easy to clean & the patent woven design protects your hair from being pulled. As you rotate the comb to follow your curl pattern, your hair passes through the holes in the center of the comb as it gently coils/twist your hair from the roots up.

A lot of barbers use a “Sponge Comb,” but it fails in comparison. Primarily due to the fact the Twist em up comb is made of high-quality materials and overall functionality. Using a hard plastic frame and grated metal tennis racket shaped holes.

The design of the Twist ’em up comb makes trapping hair into these holes easy and without much effort to get the results from any claimed twist combs out there.

Who Made This Comb?

The Twist ’em Up Comb was founded by “Mark Cuban & Damon John back in 2014. ” They first premiered their revolutionary product on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” where they invested over $400,000 into their launch. Mark and Damon saw a need for clients with ethnic hair and went for it!

Top 3 reasons to buy a Twist It Up Comb!


The Twist it Up Comb is made from the highest quality of materials.  The frame is extremely durable, can survive multiple accidental falls, and one buy should last you for several years, saving you hundreds of dollars!

Easy To Clean:

The Twist it Up-style comb is hygienic, easy to clean, and all you need is a brush and warm soapy water to clean the comb after every use.


This unique styling tool is compact to fit most standard pants, pockets, or purse. Easily touch-up your hair on the go —allowing you to obtain a clean and well-groomed look 24/7.

Since it does not absorb the hair products in your hair robbing it from its natural nutrients,  very durable and won’t bend under pressure when trying to coil/twist longer hair. One comb should last you for years, saving you HUNDREDS of dollars in the long run. This unique patented technique and design can only be found on authentic Twist it Up Combs.

Double end.
Especially suitable for Afros, curls, coils and dreadlocks.
Easy to use, making hairstyling an easier job.
Lightweight, easy to carry with.
Plastic material, durable to use.
Suitable for both salon and personal use.

Item Type: Dirty Braid Comb
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Quantity: 1pc
Product Size: 183 X 118mm/7.28 X 4.61"
Package Weight: About 20g

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