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Waterify Dispenser ™ - Amazing Water Pump

Waterify Dispenser ™ - Amazing Water Pump

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Enjoy Water Anywhere With This Pump!

This pump can replace your water dispenser for good!

No more lifting heavy 5 gallon bottles!

Simply put the pump on the bottle and enjoy your water right away!

Compatible with all types of bottles!

Perfect for Anyone Who Drinks Water!

You can literally use this pump anywhere!

  1. Around the house (kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms)
  2. Your office or at work
  3. Your RV, van, or mobile home
  4. Outdoor activities (camping, picnics, barbecues, on the beach, on boats, while hunting)

The list goes on and on!

Set up Is Easy!

  1. Install stainless steel pipe.
  2. Install silicone hose.
  3. Set on the bottle.
  4. Press the button to pump out water, press the button again to stop water.

    Battery Lasts a Long Time!

    Very energy efficient! Battery can last months before needing to be recharged!

    USB charging, charge it overnight!

    High powered battery pushes out water quickly so you don't have to wait!

    What You Will Get!

    1. Waterify Dispenser ™
    2. Stainless steel pipe
    3. Silicone hose
    4. Micro USB charging cable

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