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Tisodo Fashion

Women's Fashion PU Leather Handle Satchel Handbag

Women's Fashion PU Leather Handle Satchel Handbag

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Chic And Simple Design

  • Brief Design:

Design by pure color. Noble, elegant, mysterious, sexy. Colors to match: white, gray, beige, blue

  • Quilted Design:

The latest fashion style, tasteful, stylish and generous

High-quality materials

Tisodo crossbody purse for women is made of leather with harmless and durable advantages. Good decomposability makes the bag have no physical hazards. Permeable polyester Lining with anti-corrosion advantage which is in easy cleaning.

Advanced alloy materials

The seemingly simple metal buckle is made of high-grade alloy. It has good corrosion resistance and is not easily corroded by sweat, acidic substances and the like. In addition, it prevents allergies and is a premium material for making premium products

Advanced production process

Using the most advanced production technology. If you look closely at the product, you will find that it is almost impossible to find any flaws. Because after the product is manufactured, we will carry out strict inspection on the product, and do not allow any defects.

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