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Wouldn't you like to enhance your natural body shape and get thatĀ juicy round bootyĀ everyone's going so crazy about?

Let's face it: While not everyone is endowed with a sumptuous posterior, having an attractive behind may come in very beneficial inĀ attracting the attention of that special someoneĀ in your life.

The Solution?

Introducing theĀ Perfect Butt Lifter Shapewear, the best and easiest known way to shape your rear!

It minimizes your waist andĀ gives your tummy a toned lookĀ with its superior ab control, while simultaneously enhancing the natural shape of your booty.Ā 

ItĀ shapes up your hips and thighsĀ and instantaneouslyĀ gives your booty a lift.

How does the Butt Lifter Shapewear work?

The Butt Lifter ShapewearĀ isĀ made withĀ anatomic cutoutsĀ in the backside which, while they may look a bit unusual at first sight, actually do an amazing job to lift and shape your butt cheeks.

And although no one would've expected this from butt lifter panties, but they do bringĀ an additional health benefitĀ by improving your back posture and being comfortable to wear!

Why not wear a padded one instead?

As these cutouts leave the round part of your buttocks uncovered, this also means thatĀ there is nothing to downsize or flatten your butt, which makes the overall effect of these butt lifter panties even more impressive.

This is the problem with padded shapers, as they contain silicone and foam cups that tend to astray during the day.

The elastic material of these best butt lifter panties supports your butt muscles and lifts them up, thusĀ enhancing the butt volume in all the right places.

What can I wear it with?

Practically anything!

Wear it with your favorite jeans or dress, the lifting effect won't go away and will stay there. You can even safely wear your Perfect Butt Lifter shapewear under short dresses or shorts, so it will certainly becomeĀ your little but powerful secret!

So if you think you will appreciateĀ a nice shapely booty in the mirror, then you should definitely consider getting the Perfect Butt Lifter panties, becauseĀ they work... and it shows.

Let's recap - So what does it do, you say?

Here are just some of the benefits this best butt lifter brings to you:

  • Gives your booty a lifted and juicy look
  • Surprisingly comfortable for daily wear
  • No foam or silicone cups - natural look!
  • Turns heads and lifts your mood up
  • Improves your back posture
  • Gives your tummy a toned look
  • Collects and lifts up your butt muscles
  • Doesn't show - wear under any garment!

So what are you waiting for?Ā Add yours to cart now!

WARNING:Ā It is likely that you will notice more guys turning their heads as you walk by šŸ‘


  • Materials: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • Regular fit. Please orderĀ your normal size.Ā (See size chart below.)

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